Using a Drone for Air Quality Monitoring

Different environments set different requirements for air quality monitoring. The project aims to equip IoT devices on a drone to monitor the air quality in cities, industrial plants, and agriculture. This application of Internet of Things and drones could be a ground-breaking solution. Real-time monitoring by several devices could shorten the reaction time and thus prevent accidents and other safety hazards.

Project start: 2019-09-26
Duration: 6 Months
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3

Project Team

The main student team consists of 6 last semester Master students at University of Trento. They have studied mainly hardware and software codesign for IoT solutions. The team is mentored by a teacher.
Hardware design (2/3)
Using a Drone for Air Quality Monitoring
Software development (1/2)
Using a Drone for Air Quality Monitoring
UAV prototyping (1/1)
Using a Drone for Air Quality Monitoring
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Close up picture of a drone

Drones can be used to monitor the quality of air in all these environments. Students will be asked to add extensions, sensors, and cameras, to drones to be able to measure the environment and record data. The sensors will be chosen, and their parameters adjusted to match the requirements of the environment’s measurements.


Chemicals are not always visible, so drones could sensor them, and this way prevent accidents. While in the air, the sensors will collect data every five seconds to indicate the concentrations of the chemicals and will transmit data wirelessly.





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