Higher Education Institutions

Joining the IoT Rapid-Proto Labs offer higher education institutions new international partnerships, resource sharing, improved quality of teaching, multi-disciplinary cooperation and enhancing student e-competences.


IoT Rapid-Proto Labs programme is designed to enhance especially startups and SME’s co-creation and prototyping capabilities.


Research organization collaboration with higher education institutions and industry will also be facilitated in this project. Collaboration is beneficial due to knowledge infrastructure sharing and the expansion of bilateral research.

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How Multidisciplinary students
can support you?

Distributed teams of multidisciplinary students collaborate on rapid prototyping of IoT products or services. Each IoT Rapid-Proto Labs student team rapidly sets up and tests an innovative IoT solution for a client company. Throughout the discovery, design, develop and test process, student teams will be continually supported by teachers and external coaches.

Why Higher Education Institutions
should join IoT Rapid-Proto Labs?

IoT Rapid-Proto Labs develops a user-driven and authentic productive learning environment which enhance student e-Competences. ICT, Industrial Design, and Industrial Engineering students engage in cross-border collaboration for client companies’ real-life problems with IoT. This project will contribute to the modernization of Europe’s Higher Education system and reinforce the European Knowledge Triangle by building more effective links between education, research, and enterprise innovation.

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European IoT Development Network

IoT Rapid-Proto Labs is a higher education network combining ICT, Industrial Design and Industrial Engineering. Cross-border student teams from Finland, the Netherlands and Italy contribute to real-life IoT business cases with the support of their teacher-coaches.

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