Higher Education Institutions

The primary benefits from joining the IoT Rapid-Proto Labs project include: Internationalisation, Building new partnerships, Resource sharing, Improving quality of teaching and multi-disciplinary co-operation and enhancing student e-competences/soft-skills.

SME’s and Start-ups

Overcoming major IoT development challenges including: Enhancing co-creation capabilities (identify end-user pain problem areas in non-technical way) and Increasing project client capacity to prototype (tool kits to build and iterate towards minimal viable products- MVP’s).


Research Organization (RTO’s) collaboration with higher education institutions and industry will also be facilitated in this project (supporting EU Knowledge Triangle). Collaboration between RTO’s/Universities/Industry is beneficial due to knowledge infrastructure sharing and the expansion of bilateral research.

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How Multidisciplinary students
can support you?

Distributed teams of multidisciplinary students (three European countries) will be supported by a Project Arena (web-platform) which enables them to effectively collaborate on rapid-prototyping of IoT products/services. Each IoT Proto-Lab student-centred team will rapidly set-up, trial and test an innovative IoT solution for their SME/Start-up client (18 clients in the complete project cycle). Throughout the discovery, design, develop and test process, student teams will be continually supported by teachers and external coaches (Research Centre and ICT Process Development House). 

Why Higher Education Institutions
should join IoT Rapid-Proto Labs?

IoT Rapid-Proto Labs is developing a user-driven and authentic productive learning environment which enhance student e-Competences. Multidisciplinary learners (ICT, Industrial Design, and Industrial Engineering) will engage in cross-border collaboration and come up with innovative IoT solutions for real-life SME/Start-up IoT problems. This project will contribute to the modernisation of Europe’s Higher Education system (relevance/quality), and reinforce the European Knowledge Triangle (more effective links between education, research, and enterprise innovation).

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European IoT Development Network

A Higher Education Network combining ICT, industrial design and industrial engineering. Cross-border student teams (Finland, The Netherlands and Italy), teacher-coaches, and experts rapidly develop/test IoT solutions for start-ups & small/medium size companies.

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