Self-organizing display

In this project the students will create a mesh network based display system formed from IoT-devices. The devices communicate to each other and are aware of their relative location in a swarm. The goal of the project is to display an image using leds as the display pixels. The project was proposed by Accenture Finland, Liquid Studio.

Project start: 2019-08-16
Duration: 4 months
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3

Project Team

The main student team consists of 11 last semester bachelor level ICT students at Haaga-Helia. They have studied mainly web- and mobile-programming. The team is mentored by a teacher and an outside company representative.
Software (11/11)
Haaga-Helia (HAA)
Design (review) (0/2)
Delft University of Technology (TUD)
Hardware (0/2)
University of Trento
Self-organizing display
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Description of the roles of different participants

Haaga-Helia is leading this project. Haaga-Helia’s students are responsible for implementing the project. We hope to get some help with the hardware from the students of the University of Trento.


Date Task
15/8/19 The project will start. Student team at Haaga-Helia is formed.
15/9/19 First iteration of the project is completed and demoed to the customer.
15/10/19 Second iteration of the project is completed and demoed to the customer.
15/11/19 The students at Haaga-Helia can hopefully demo the project to students in Italy.
10/12/19 Third iteration of the project is completed and demoed.
10/12/19 Third Final version of the project is completed and demoed. The project ends.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

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