In this course, you will develop your ability to build and use functional prototypes as part of your design process. You will gain this prototyping experience through the guided development of a connected light product. In teams of three, you will build and use several iterations of this product with a strong focus on the technology and the functional implementation. You will rely on a Raspberry Pi – small computer – to sense contextual changes and control connected light bulbs via Python code. Your prototype will help you gain an understanding of the technologies through tests and data exploration.

Project start: 2020-09-14
Duration: 8 weeks
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3

Project Team

The team consisted of TU Delft's Industrial Design master students.
Design (38/38)
Delft University of Technology (TUD)
Software (0/0)
Haaga-Helia (HAA)
Hardware (0/0)
University of Trento

Taking this course from home, we will focus on lighting. Light is an essential element at home, one of the first connected product we saw emerging on the market. It is a powerful example to explore as it can be simple while covering all the fundamentals of a connected product.

Good Night Lamp is a London-based company offering a pair of little, connected, lightened houses to connect two friends or relatives. Turning one ON or OFF will trigger its twin to react, allowing a tangible yet simple interaction over the distance. During this course, we will use this concept to develop prototyping skills for connected products.

In teams of 3, you will prototype a connected light that helps to maintain distant relationships with friends and relatives. The focus is on software, leaving out the hardware prototyping. To this end, you will receive a Prototyping Kit which already includes a connected light bulb. You will learn how to shape the behaviour of this light bulb, to define the interaction between the 3 light bulbs of your team and to add contextual information from sensors and web services.

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