Intelligent IoT device for Pest detection in Precision Agriculture

Apples are among the topmost fruit crops in the world. The most common problem for these crops is the attack of the Codling Moth, which is a dangerous parasite for apples. IoT sensing devices can nowadays run near sensor machine learning algorithms, thus giving not only the possibility of collecting data over wide coverage but featuring even immediate data analysis and anomaly detection. The project aims at using Machine Learning techniques form images taken on a low-power IoT device.

Project start: 2019-09-16
Duration: 6 months
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3

Project Team

The main student team consists of 6 last semester Master students at University of Trento. They have studied mainly hardware and software codesign for IoT solutions. The team is mentored by a teacher.
Hardware design (2/2)
University of Trento
Software development (2/3)
University of Trento
Intelligent IoT device for Pest detection in Precision Agriculture
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Recent technological advances have paved the way for remote agricultural sensing and automation. Sophisticated low-cost sensors and communications systems can be used as IoT components to monitor and control systems for a sustainable and healthy environment.


Nowadays, Machine Learning algorithms are widely used in many fields and are particularly innovative in agriculture to compute tasks such as species recognition, water management, crop quality, disease detection, and weed detection.

The project is focused on an automatic method for monitoring parasite insects from images taken in pest traps. The Codling Moth is a particular insect that looks like a butterfly, and it is a dangerous parasite for apple fruit crops.

An energy efficient IoT solution must show how it is possible to classify parasites from other general insects using low-cost IoT hardware.
It will execute machine learning algorithms directly on IoT device and classifies if the insect captured by the camera is a Codling Moth to be reported for an immediate counteraction.


University of Trento

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