Gamified dental brace

In this project the students will build a mobile app that will gamify the experience of wearing removable orthodontic braces. The app is targeted for children aged 8-12. The braces are equipped with an RFID chip and a device that can send the wearing data with Bluetooth.

Project start: 2020-01-15
Duration: 4 months
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3

Project Team

The main student team consists of 6 last semester bachelor level ICT students at Haaga-Helia. They have studied mainly web- and mobile-programming. The team is mentored by a teacher and an outside company representative.
Software (6/6)
Haaga-Helia (HAA)
Design (review) (0/2)
Delft University of Technology (TUD)
Hardware (0/2)
University of Trento
Gamified dental brace
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Description of the roles of different participants

The project is proposed by Finnish company, Altiplan Oy. Haaga-Helia’s students are leading this project. The students are responsible for implementing the project. We hope to get some help with the hardware from the students of the University of Trento and some help with gamifying from Fondazione Bruno Kessler.


Date Task
15/1/20 The project will start. Student team at Haaga-Helia is formed.
15/3/20 The first version of the app is demoed to the client.
15/4/20 The second version of the app is demoed to the client and tested with users.
15/5/20 The final version of the app is demoed and handed over to the client.

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

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